Math lessons

Try this website. Click on an activity. The screen will open to pattern blocks, multiplication, fun fractions, etc.Once that lesson is complete, there are links to other lessons on the web. I liked the "More Counting" activities for very young mathmeticians! The graph activity is very good preparation for the NECAPS- it has the same types of questions our students encounter on the test.
Try"Let's Count". There are many good activities here- also try the slide show!. There are also lesson descriptions that you can check to see if they are too difficult for your kids. NOTE: there is no sound to this web site, so if your child is not a good reader, someone will have to complete the activities with him.
Check this one out. There are activities, lessons, standards, and web links. The lessons include number and operations, algebra, geometry, measurement, and data analysis and probability. Sound familiar? That's because those are the strands tested on the NECAPS.
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This is a website that has been put together by south Washington County Schools using math activities from several websites. This website offers most of the areas we study here at DCS. The first page of the website has MAP math which includes number sense, computation, and operations. There are math links by grade, as I have shown you with this screen capture above. You may find that when you click on a link for math money, for example, it will connect you to a web site that I have already shown you on this page or the previous page. I think this is a great place to start. Some of the activities have sound- others don't- so you may have to read the directions to you students in some cases.

teach_rkids.jpg Here's another one that I think is great. This website has all the basic skills at each grade level. The children complete the page and it corrects it for them- # correct, # incorrect, excellent work, etc. Again this website comes with a fee, but the good news is that for schoolwide use it is only $300. Hopefully there is a budget for such technology, so that worthwhile programs can be purchased.