Math games

When you open up this web site, you have a myriad of choices. I clicked on Money, Time, and Test the Toad- that is adding and subtracting using a number line. I really liked all three activities. These came from the prek-2 column. I recommend the preK to 2 level, as these games seem just right for our kids. I tried Fractions from the 3-6 level- this one was very colorful and showed the kids 1/2 vs. 1/3 etc.
I tried a few games on this web site. When you open it, look for math lessons. This is a helpful if you want the students to review a lesson and maybe to have something explained in a different way. However, there is no sound to this website- that I can tell- and so the student needs to be able to read to get through the lessons. A better choice is to click on math problems. They can be adjusted for difficulty levels, and they are self explanatory- once you set the student up and show him the first equation. Offered are games involving addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, etc. One note of warning- there are some games on this site that I do not consider instructional but are more for entertainment. If you set your student up to be working on math facts, check on him to make sure he is not playing concentration, etc.
This last website is the best! It has math games, virtual math problems- like shopping at the mall, teaching math videos, and more. It covers my grade level skills from primary on. I would incorporate this website throughout the year as a tool for introducing concepts, follow ups as well as for assessment, where the student plays the games and I establish a baseline, and record future growth.
This is a great website. It has math games that relate to all of the GLE areas for 2nd and 3rd graders. However, you have to subscribe and this web site is quite expensive. They have several plans, but the average is $1300 for a school. Given that it covers the GLE's and has math lessons to go along with it, movies to teach the kids, and suggested homework, it might be worth the investment- if teachers accessed it on a regular basis. Great News!! DCS has a subscription to BRAINPOP!
This has leveled lessons on word problems- with which our second and third graders have a difficult time . Other activities on this page include videos on how to... How do I regroup for subtraction, how do I learn my times tables? When you've tried to explain a concept in a dozen ways, but you are not getting through, try this website. The videos have enough color and technology to keep a child focused on the topic- maybe long enough for him to grasp the concept!
Here's one I didn't like. Don't waste your time, as I did trying to find a few good games for primary level kids. There aren't any!
Here's another one I did not like. It costs money and the little robot that corrects the students' answers is so slow, the kids will give up.